My Mary Kay Decision

What do you think of when you hear “Mary Kay”? When I asked my friends and family, I got responses like “old lady”, “trusted brand”, and “expensive”. They all sat, rather disapprovingly, when I told them that I had made the decision to start my own Mary Kay business. There are common misconceptions about how direct sales companies work.


Here’s what I DON’T do:

  1. Walk door-to-door
  2. Work for a boss
  3. Sit in beauty salons and act like a slimy salesperson

Here’s what I ACTUALLY do:

  1. Make FIFTY PERCENT (yes, friends, that is a 5 and a 0) profit from my sales, making MK the highest paying direct sales company
  2. Meet incredible people that I never would have gotten the chance to know otherwise
  3. Sharpen my personal and business skills under the direction of an experienced sales director who acts as my coach


Interested in the story? Keep reading.

Toward the end of my freshman year at Randolph-Macon, one of my sorority sisters asked me to attend her ‘kick off party’. All I heard was: free pizza. When I arrived, I met Future Executive Senior Sales Director, Michelle Walters. She had big hair, big nails, and even bigger dreams. I could tell from the moment I met her, we were both stinkin’ overachievers (or as my sister says, just stubborn). That evening I tried products that were under $20 and better quality than anything I had ever gotten at the drugstore. Michelle asked me what I used on my face. I looked at her as if she had just asked me what designer I was wearing on the red carpet and said, “Whatever is on sale in the drugstore.” The look on her face was priceless and she simply asked me, “Do you want a drugstore face when you’re 40?!” I LOVED the products, the prices, and the idea of working hours around my busy life, not shift work, but it was finals week and I had some thinking to do. So I left it alone.


A few weeks later, I returned to campus for my summer research job and found myself in a different place in my life. I gave Michelle a call and started my journey. There was A LOT of doubt. My sister didn’t believe in the products. My mother thought I was stressing myself out too much. My friends didn’t understand why I was doing it in the first place. During my first two weeks, I listened into a few sales calls and tried to learn about the products and the process. I thought, “how do I teach people about this incredible company?” Michelle was there every. step. of. the. way. She drove over an hour and a half to my hometown to teach my first party. I called her multiple times a day and she was always there to answer any of my questions.

Victoria Race

Mary Kay Ash was a real person who created a real company for the advancement of women. She was tired of promoting men over herself simply because they were men, but that was how the business world worked. She took $5,000 of her savings and launched a worldwide brand.

On the first day of the new fiscal year, I attended July Jumpstart where Sales Directors shared their advice on how to make my business successful. There,  met women with Cadillac’s, Equinox’s, and Fusion’s, diamond rings, and paid vacations all from the company. I sat in the third row wearing three pieces of jewelry I had been gifted for launching my business and reaching certain milestones. I was blown away at how generous the company is and the dreams of the women who stood before me. Some women paid for kids to go to college, others quit full-time jobs.


For me, I want to study abroad in Spain. I want to save enough money to fly to Paris, Milan, and London while I am there. I want to enjoy my freedom and have an adventure while I still can.


Life is short and Mary Kay is helping me reach my goals.

Message me about how to start your own business. More information here!



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