Make Bid Day like Christmas

It’s not even Halloween and everyone’s (okay, maybe just my) mind is on Christmas! But in the sorority world, Christmas came early. In fact, Bid Day was in September. If you’re a sorority woman, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The decorations, the food, and the family make this day equally magical. How can you get the most out of your celebration and make those new members feel special?



Each new member is a gift and it’s your job as an organization to love and cherish her. This is the first time this woman witnesses your fraternity from the inside and you want this moment to stay with her forever. Let’s make her feel like the Queen she really is:

Genuine excitement

At this point, you’ve been chanting for days and you’re fairly certain your voice doesn’t work anymore. Your feet have swollen two sizes and you’re running on about three hours of sleep. Always remembers:it is your PRIVILEGE to select the women who continue your values. You better cheer like you’ve never cheered before.


For goodness sake, talk to them

Recruitment is essentially like a season of Survivor. You’ve now made it to the home stretch and your job is done. Wrong! These women need to make connections as soon as possible in order to feel involved in the organization. Oftentimes, one conversation can change a new member’s confidence completely.


Actual Presents

Your recruitment chair has probably had these picked out for weeks, but always ask if you can contribute in some way to the gift selection. This is the first lettered swag your members will have, so make it special.



You and your sisters have spent so much time together that those endearing mannerisms have become annoying habits. This is NOT your new members’ problem. Again, this is the first time  these women see you without your walls up. Show them the good, not your sleep deprivation.



Despite the food and the get-to-know-you games, your ritual reigns supreme in everything you do. Remember the “reason for the season” and weave those values into your celebration. A great way to do so might be to have posters for each value and have your new members write what that word means to them or how they felt this in recruitment. Another cool idea would be to have new members write a letter to their future selves about their goals and hopes. Then, these letters magically appear at the senior cookout. Making memories at its finest.


Just remember, whatever you do, do so in love for one another.



2 thoughts on “Make Bid Day like Christmas

  1. anhistorianabouttown says:

    As someone who was VPMD, I can say that you definitely want the excitement to carry on past bid day! I can say from experience, it is fairly easy to pull off a wonderful bid day (you are riding high on the excitement of recruitment and preference), but a lot of chapters struggle with continuing it. Something that I have found helps is figuring out what the chapter’s strategy is for retention and then having elements of bid day reflect that! I think also genuinely putting everything aside except for the new members makes a WORLD of difference! Love reading the thoughts of other Alpha Gams 🙂

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